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TBEGratitude Day 2

posted Sep 29, 2014, 7:10 AM by Heidi Hoover   [ updated Sep 29, 2014, 7:10 AM by Michael Rose ]

Day 2 of #‎TBEgratitude : People who helped me become the Jew and the rabbi I am today.

1. Rabbi Tom Weiner, my first rabbi. I'm so grateful to you for welcoming me, and when I was trying to reconcile myself to raising Jewish children though I wasn't Jewish myself (I had no intention of converting to Judaism at that time--famous last words), you said it would be a great sacrifice for me to do that. Those words were so important and needed, and helped so much.

2. Rabbi Sarah Reines, who did my conversion and was my second rabbi. When I came to you and told you I wanted to convert, I also told you I wanted to be a rabbi. You said, "We're not going to talk about your becoming a rabbi now. We're just going to focus on your conversion. But I will say this. Not only do I think you would be a great rabbi; I think you would love it!" I've never forgotten that, and I'm grateful for it.

3. Dr. Ora Horn Prouser, whose Bible classes at the Academy for Jewish Religion were my favorite classes. You profoundly influenced the way I teach Torah, as well as what I know about it. Thank you.

Have you posted three things you're grateful for today? Remember the hashtag: #TBEgratitude